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Term and Definition

What is a 360VR image?
Our 360VR images are full 360 degree spherical panoramic pictures used in building “VR-style” virtual tours. You can interactively “step inside and look around” real places such as a travel destination, a conference or business facility, a concert hall or movie set, a museum or campus, inside a vehicle or an open exterior space.

Panoramic VR
A general term we use to describe 360° panoramic images that are created to be interactively viewed. Using different types of viewers, (Java, and QuickTime) they all work to deliver an undistorted rectilinear image in a viewing window.

High Definition VR
Higher resolution panoramic images with optimized file sizes of 800k or larger. This allows greater degree of zooming for inspection of scene detail and for full screen presentations.

VR comes from the phrase “Virtual Reality”. 360VR images are viewed electronically with computers and will give the visitor a greater sense of being virtually there, conveying much far information about an environment and its relationships with its contents.

• Spherical VR and Cubic VR images captures the full spherical environment: 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically, (some of the marketing literature will say 360° x 360°). This is our state of the art, preferred media type.

• Cylindrical VR is a vertically limited view Panoramic VR image. It does not see fully above and below. The vertical field of view (vfov) is typically 120 degrees or less. This is suitable for scenes such as landscapes where the sky and ground may not be important.

For web sites, we generally optimize the VR file sizes to 200-300kb for broadband Internet delivery.

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