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Client and industry testimonials:

John Birge, AIA, principal - Renaissance Design Group, Omaha, NE wrote:

“Jook Leung is internationally recognized as an innovator in spherical panoramic photography. He was recently presented with the Fujifilm Masterpiece Award for photographic excellence for a piece that he did on the world trade center: Tribute In Light.

Jook's experience spans 25 years as a commercial photographer with a background in photo-illustration and digital imaging. His advertising and editorial work can be seen here . His combination of talents uniquely reflects what he can do to produce exceptional virtual tours.”

Ed Moskowitz, Account Executive - Multimedia Solutions Corp., Edgewater, NJ said:

“Jook, I just saw the 360’s. They are awesome, they are fabulous! You are a genius! The work in incredible, I’m blown away by the clarity, I’m blown away by the quality. I think the client is gonna be incredibly impressed. We’re gonna do alot a business with you. So I want to just let you know how absolutely thrilled I am. I can’t believe how great these things came out. You are exceptional...my hats off to you Jook. Those are great pieces of work...man, that is great stuff. Thank you so much.”

Scott Highton, photographer and VR pioneer, wrote:

“I'd like to formally welcome Jook Leung to the VR Experts group. Most of you already know Jook's innovative VR work and his regular presence on the QTVR mail lists. I have invited him to join this panel on the vrphotography.com web site, as he is both prolific in producing high quality VR imagery and generous in sharing information about his techniques with others.”

Jook Leung is part of a panel of VR Experts recognized by his peers in the VR industry. Read more

Marco Trezzini, editiorial dierctor of VRWAY/VRMAG wrote:

Dear Jook, I was wondering if you would accept to be interviewed about your life, work philosophy and great projects you have accomplished in VRMAG. I was thinking to an in depth article for the "guest artist" section of V-Artist. If you would like to adress specific issues, please feel free to suggest them, and we will add them with pleasure, as question or editorial comment.

Read the VRMAG interview was published in June 2003 here.

Praise and fan mail

Cyberpunks wrote:

That is indeed a beautiful picture. But I like his Rockefeller Center Christmas shots even better, visible from here. It's great to get the feeling of being right in the crowd. Every face seems to tell a story. The two girls on the statue in the view of the skating rink, and two other tired little girls sitting on the bench beside the crowd of college kids getting their picture taken - commonplace but somehow very touching.

He had another great panaroma down at the end of the promenade, with a Santa ringing his bell for charity while a bike messenger rode past wearing a Santa hat. A lady was selling pictures and her son sat tiredly beside her, holding up a frame for display. There were a million things going on, a real slice of life. I can't find that one now though.

What Shelley Pierce said about New Year VR from NYC Times Square

I can't tell you how very much I appreciate you sharing these photos! When we left Times Square that night (incidentally, Todd was sorry that he got busy with his work stuff and didn't get a chance to say a proper good-bye to you!) I kept thinking that there is no way to describe the sensation of standing there on that platform as we welcomed 2003. When I arrived at work today and opened your incredible pictures I realized that I didn't need words to describe the experience because you had done so with your images. I especially love the 360 degree picture. I could look at it for hours and still discover details that you captured.

You are a very talented man and a very generous spirit. I am glad to have met you and I am grateful for your kindness.

With affection and appreciation,
Shelley Pierce NYC

Subject: Tekserve Macworld 360 VR

Mr. Leung,
The Macworld 2003 Tekserve booth panorama is wonderful! I've now had a chance to look at a lot of the work your studio has done featuring Tekserve over the years, and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work. Everyone in the Tekserve Macworld panorama with me thinks that it looks fantastic, and the portrayal of Dick Demenus is uncanny!

Thanks again for asking all of us to be in your shot. It is always great to be a part of fine artwork. The last but not least important thing I'd like to say is that, although the shot took only a few seconds, it was quite fun.

ELi Blaine

I surfed from your “Flagstaff Mtn VR” to your site to see what great VR you've added since my last look. As usual, I wasn't disappointed. Your work is wonderful.

Tom Fulmer
Fulmedia Interactive™

What Denise Graven said about the "Tribute in Light VR"

I wanted to let you know that last night while browsing the web, I ran across you site. I think that it is the most awesome, beautiful and creative web site that I have ever seen and the idea of being of the Twin Beams of Light made it even more awesome. This morning when I got up, I was so impressed with your site that I called a couple a friends to tell them about it and then I got immediately back on line so I could view it some more. It is a wonderful tribute to the Twin Towers more so that the lights themselves because it gives you the feel of being right there and many of us are unable to get to come to New York to pay our respects especially when the lights were there. I want to THANK YOU FOR YOU TRIBUTE and I hope as a part of history you will always have your site on line for many other people to have the chance to see it. Thank You again Sir!!!!!!!!!!
Denise Graven Belton, MO.

From Joshua Beall - thank you for WTC Tribute in light

About every two or three months since 9/11 I have pulled out the link to your 360 VR picture of the tribute in lights. I put on an MP3 of Celine Dion's "A New Day" and just let the picture rotate at random. It works, and never fails to bring out all of the right emotions for me. I wish there were a way that you could release this as a video with that soundtrack. It just remind some people of what we've been through and why we're where we are today. thank you for a great photo and an excellent example of using technology to tell a story.

Joshua Beall

Subject: Tribute in Light

I just saw your panorama of the Sept. 11 tribute with the twin lights up into the night sky. What an amazing photo. Just glorious. You made me cry.

Thank you,
Shelley C. San Diego, CA

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