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360VR Studio Services

360VR Studio's goal is to work with each client's needs and budget. When you choose to hire our 360 panoramic VR services you get the creative talent of an experienced professional commercial photographer specializing in 360 degree imaging and a team of Web integration and design professionals.

Although we cannot quote a specific price without consultation, a single panoramic view (one 360 degree image) may cost $3500. and several days of planning and production to produce. View an example here: Times Square

For a more typical project, a 360VR panoramic image delivered Internet ready for QuickTime or Java viewing ranges from $500. to $750. View an example here: NY Yacht Club model room

The unit cost per pano is based on a creative photography fee and charge for post-production costs. The post production component involves computer time and expertise for image assembly and web integration stages. Expert post production is crucial to the quality of the results and includes image editing, color balance corrections, restoring scene details in highlights and shadows and miscellaneous retouching to produce an exceptional product for the client. Also the tripod footprint can be replaced with a floor cap logo or the floor is restored completely. Average post production time is about 3 hours per pano.

We also base our fees by industry type and usage by the client. There will be a difference in the perceived value for clients in different markets such as between an educational non-profit and a Fortune 500 client.

Integrated multimedia and web development for multi-node tours are also available and our rates are fair and competitive. View an example here. Sotheby's

We give consideration to quantity discounts on large projects and offer a promotional 20% discount to our new clients.

Please email Us to discuss your specific needs and to formulate an estimate.

360VR Photography

360VR Photography mixes keen observation and careful orchestration of the whole environment to create high quality 360° panoramic images and interactive Virtual Reality tours for web sites and digital media. We bring many years of photographic experience and digital imaging expertise to the task.

We use both fisheye lens systems and rotational cameras to capture full 360 degree images for authoring both iPIX™ and QuickTime VR™ virtual tours.

360VR Web Services

360VR Web Services designs and hosts web sites featuring our virtual tours like the one you see here for showcasing Residential Communities, Corporate Facilities, Product Installationss, Site Surveys, Tourism, Hospitality, etc.

Our web clients receive the utmost in satisfaction for their virtual tours because we understand and use the latest VR technologies and how to best present them to your web audience.


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