With QuickTime installed, you will see a virtual tour image that will begin to rotate.
This is QuickTime VR - which makes possible high performance viewing of photographic Virtual Reality panoramas on the Web.

VRartists Joshua Eskin, Terry Breheny and Jook Leung
Starbucks - Arapahoe Rd., Boulder, Colorado
Take control of the image by clicking and dragging inside the viewing window.
This example is a spherical panoramas and requires QuickTime 5 or later.
An Explanation of VR technologies
from Multimediaphoto.com
if the viewing window remains blank, or shows a broken icon.
What is Virtual Reality and
QuickTime VR?

Making Environment Maps from Fisheye Photographs
(Using Fish Eye Images in an Ipix-Free Manner) by Ken Turkowski

At the IQTVRA Summit in DC 2003, Jook and Ken held a Computer Lab entitled "Fisheye Photography and Defish with Jook Leung and Ken Turkowski."
Everything you always wanted to know about shooting with a fisheye lens will be shared by Jook, a very experienced pro,
and Ken will show how Defish can help to correct for lens distortion prior to stitching.
(photo of Jook Leung and Ken Turkowski by Michael Quan)

Production Resources for QuickTime VR Authoring

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Embedding QT for Web delivery

QT for the Web FAQ

Detecting QT with Javascript:

Eric Blanpeid's IQTVRA Summit Demo:

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