These two frames compare the image quality of two fisheye lenses I use:
Fuji S1 - ISO 320 - WB: cloudy

Nikkor 8mm - f5.6 1/20 sec
this is an f2.8 lens seen on the table in the other shot

Sigma 8mm - f5.6 1/20 sec (not an EX lens)
this is the 8mm f4 MF lens, an f8 1/10 exposure is here

There is a discussion about using fisheye lenses on the panorama list comparing Coastal, Nikon, Peleng etc:
Comparing several different fisheye lenses including the Nikkor 8mm/2.8 and the earlier and later Sigma 8mm fisheyes - it seems the newer one is more even in its illumination wide open but less even when stopped down.
The Coastal Optical PDF article is here

Lens calibration with Panorama Tools by Peter Murphy:

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